Taureans are known to be the most unique and powerful people out of all the other Zodiac signs. There are a hundred things that separate them from the rest of us. Here are ten typical Taurean qualities everyone wished they had!

1. Taureans have magnetic personalities. Love them or hate them, you just cannot ignore them. If you want to learn how to make your presence felt, learn it from a Taurean. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Taureans are the most attractive people you’ll ever know.

2. They are sensible people, not easily fooled by impulses. Even when they’re emotional, they have their mind in place.

3. When it is about success in life, Taureans lead by example. They are go-getters who do what it takes to achieve what they want. They don’t waste time whining about things that don’t happen, they go ahead and take what is theirs. Giving up is never an option.

4. Taureans would rather be hated for the truth they speak rather than being loved for the false praises you want them to say. They are no-nonsense, straight- forward people who say what they mean.

5. Even though Taureans love socialising, deep down inside, they are close only to a few of them. They don’t trust blindly, unlike many others. They know who their real friends are. They don’t allow insignificant people to hurt them.

6. They may look tough and stubborn, but they are extremely lovable when need be. Their quest for perfection and success never takes a toll on their generosity.

7. Taureans like to be independent. They spend a lot of their time honing their survival skills. There is nothing they cannot survive.

8. They take time to choose a partner, but when they do, they prove to be the most dedicated and caring partners ever.

9. Taurean men, especially, are very old school in their thoughts. They’re chivalrous, protective and extremely respectful towards their partners.

10. Taureans rank so high on self-respect, it is not just difficult but impossible to override them. Their sheer self-confidence will blow your mind.

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