“Breakups are easy, they’re no big deal, and I love them,” said no one ever.

So many of us been through the emotional ringer of a breakup, and if even if you’re the one who initiated the split, you probably still felt not-so-awesome for a while.

Of course, all breakups are different and people handle them in different ways— maybe by moving on instantly or crying for weeks.

One way to analyze and understand your breakup behavior is by looking at your zodiac sign. Some signs have smoother breakups and some zodiac signs have bad breakups that could practically belong in history books.

As an emotional and proud Scorpio, my post-breakup routine basically consists of calling all my friends to vent, making a bunch of plans to go out and party, and then cancelling those plans and sitting in the dark by myself.

Healthy? Productive? Mature? Who cares!

Handling a breakup is tough and you’ve gotta do whatever you need to get through it, short of lighting your ex’s car on fire, of course. (Just visualize it instead.)

While everyone handles breakups differently, understanding how your zodiac sign deals with a split can be helpful.

Of all 12 zodiac signs, these four are the ones who tend to have the worst, toughest, and most emotional breakups.


Taurus appreciates consistency, despises change, and has a tendency to stay in relationships too long.

They put passion, loyalty, and energy into their relationships, so for a Taurus, a breakup is a big deal. But when a breakup happens, Taurus is unwavering — once they’re done, they’re done.

Stubborn Taurus won’t even think about looking at the breakup from their ex’s perspective, and only see their side of things. They view the world in black and white, and value loyalty above all else.

Post-breakup, Taurus will be matter-of-fact and cordial to their exes— no drama here— unless their ex betrayed them. In this case, calm, self-possessed Taurus will see red and then— watch out.


Aries is ambitious, competitive, and temperamental, so you can imagine that a breakup with an Aries won’t be chill.

Aries would rather dump than be dumped, since they prioritize “winning” in all situations. Post-breakup, an Aries will seek revenge and that usually manifests in wanting to be better at being single than their ex.

This means an Aries might rebound quickly, jumping into a new relationship or headfirst into the deep end of the dating pool, just to prove that they’re fine!

If an Aries gets dumped, they might try to get back together with their ex just to “win,” even if they don’t really want the relationship back.

They are fiery and passionate, so don’t be surprised if an Aries deals with a breakup by smashing their ex’s things, joins a dozen dating apps, and Insta Stories each date.


Uber-emotional water sign Cancer is symbolized by a crab with a hard shell which protects their soft, sensitive interior.

So, since Cancer takes their sweet time letting someone in and building trust, they react badly once that trust is broken and a relationship ends.

Post-breakup, a Cancer feels feeling insecure, angry, and unmoored. Since sensitive Cancer feels all the feels, they could have wild mood swings after a breakup.

They might drunk-text their ex that they miss them, then immediately follow up with another drunker-text saying that they hate them. Cancer will take their time to rebuild their protective exterior, but breakups really hit them hard.


Capricorn is stoic and logical, so they handle a breakup like it’s no big deal.

Practical Capricorn closes the door and moves on immediately, and are likely to cut their ex out of their life completely. This means throwing away love letters, deleting posts, and unfollowing their ex on every possible platform.

While this might sound like they handle breakups well, it’s actually the opposite. Firstly, unemotional Capricorn won’t take time to process their feelings, and instead sweep them under the rug.

Secondly, they get satisfaction from cutting their ex out and acting like everything is fine— they love knowing their ex will see their Insta Story about how great they’re doing.

Capricorn cares very much what everyone thinks, so acting like they don’t give AF about their breakup is priority number one.

While there are certain zodiac signs that obviously don’t handle a breakup well, other signs have just as tough of a time, but are better at hiding it.

At the end of the day, we’re all human and breakups are hard for us all in some way.

Understanding how your zodiac sign influences your breakup process just might give you a bit of peace, or at the very least explain to you why you feel the urge to stay home and sit in the dark, all by yourself.

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