When Taurus comes up in a conversation, it’s always the same thing: They’re stubborn. Although that is true, there is a lot more that comes with a Taurus’s headstrong personality and uncompromising mindset.

Ruled by the planet Venus, which represents all things beautiful and artistic, the people born under this sign are typically very good-looking and have a natural flair for the arts.

Moreover, as a fixed sign, Taurus associates with determination, depth and persistence. Here are five reasons why Taurus is the most sensual bull you’ll ever meet:

1. They’re down-to-earth.

As the first of the earth signs, Taurus truly embodies the expressions “solid as a rock” and “down-to-earth.” A salt-of-the-earth type, Taurus has a fond appreciation for land and wants to possess it. To them, the land and the body are one, and they want to hold onto both for all eternity.

Taurus believes in the here-and-now and needs to see the fruits of their own labor. Their grounded, realistic personalities push them to work in order to obtain security, because ultimately, that’s what all earth signs strive for. (The other earth signs are Capricorn and Virgo.)

2. They’re trustworthy.

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A Taurus is generally one of the most generous, patient people you will ever meet. They are loyal individuals who love to maintain and nurture their relationships. Despite their strong and sturdy exterior, Taurus people are usually very needy individuals.

Reliable and protective of their loved ones, Taurus feels a strong sense of commitment to their friends and business partners.

3. They’re addicted to pleasure.

Let them eat cake. Do you remember how Kirsten Dunst (Taurus) indulged in colorful macaroons and fondant-filled pastries while she sipped champagne in Sofia Coppola’s (Taurus) film “Marie Antoinette?” It’s no coincidence these women are both Taurus, and who better than them to portray Marie Antoinette’s legendary extravagance?

Venusian and cozy, Taurus revels in all they can experience through their five senses. Some examples are great food, good wine, scented candles, silky sheets, desserts that melt in your mouth, fur rugs, champagne, leather and musky fragrances. I think you catch my drift. Taurus may come second in the zodiac, but they always fly first class.

4. They’re creative.

Taurus rules the throat. Therefore, many who are born under this sign are often excellent singers.

Their ruling planet Venus opens up a world of musical and creative talents, so if they’re not singing, painting or playing an instrument, Taurus is busy planning a lavish party or interior decorating.

They make excellent hosts, cooks and entertainers. Their creative juices are constantly flowing.

5. They’re persevering.

“Slow and steady wins the race,” said every Taurus ever. When Taurus has their eye on the prize, they walk straight ahead without looking to the side. I kid you not, when these people make a plan, you better believe they will stick to it.

They are patient, analytical slow steppers who absolutely loathe the idea of change. Although their patience can make them come across as sluggish or too passive (especially with Taurus men), at the end of the day, Taurus gets what Taurus wants.

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