We are going to continue with the part 2 of the ‘5 Reasons Why Scorpios Rule The Zodiac’, and here are 5 other reasons explaining that we are not called the “most powerful” zodiac sign for nothing.

1. We have THE brains

Scorpios are super smart and never afraid to take things to the next level. Best suited to be surgeons, detectives, artists and psychiatrists, Scorpios are very analytical yet compassionate, intuitive and patient.

Scorpio’s intelligence is not a force to be reckoned with. We are down to earth, straight-forward and have our way with words. Some of the most interesting debates you have in your life will be with a Scorpio.

All Scorpios understand more than the surface of life – which is both a blessing and a curse at times.

2. We make it on our own

Independence is one of the strongest traits of a Scorpio. We appreciate our privacy so much; we are perfectly capable of working alone, living alone and just being alone. And this makes a Scorpio even more interesting and dangerous.

We rejoice when we do something on our own and hardly rely on anyone because it just makes us uncomfortable. Still that doesn’t mean we don’t make it in packs, Scorpios always step up to lead and love responsibilities of big tasks with big groups thrown at them.

3. We are social animals

You will find us in the biggest social events with the largest group of people listening to what we’re saying.

We set the trends and make the rules. We are quite the influencers and quirky humor and wittiness come naturally to us.

It’s very hard to always be in the spotlight, but it’s our calling…

4. The world needs more Scorpios…

Seriously! We pick up interest in humanitarian causes, donate our time, effort and money to make the environment surrounding us better, we have a soft spot for animals and less privileged families and we love spending time with the elderly to learn from their wisdom.

The world will be much kinder and a lot quieter if it has more Scorpios in it; less people blabbing about what they could do and more people actually trying to make it in life.

We rejoice for everyone’s success and just think of what’s our next move to beat them. No hard feelings, just love the challenge!

5. We have everything in perspective

You can now clearly deviate that a genuine Scorpio has a bright future ahead of them. Scorpios are quite objective and can formulate a true opinion about things without having to put themselves in other people’s shoes.

We can keep cool under the most stressful situations and we love taking risks – not hasty ones, though. We fear nothing but fear itself and even that can’t beat us most of the time.

VIANesma Nafea
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