Women born under the Taurus sun sign have an aura of strength around them and ooze such confidence that we don’t blame men for falling head-over-heels for one!

So take a look at this list of 7 things you’ll totally relate to if you’re a Taurus girlfriend!

1. To be or not to be

You sweet Taureans take a lot of time to make decisions and that can keep your lovers guessing whether the relationship is serious yet or not! You take ages to express your true feelings, but when you finally do say the three magic words, all the doubts in your bf’s mind will disappear *poof*.

2. Anger management

Taureans usually have temper issues and you are no different! That’s why the Taurean girlfriend is always on the lookout for someone with a cool temperament to balance things out. You’ve got to love your patient boyfriend for dealing with your tantrums in a calm and composed manner.

3. Color therapy!

You absolutely love colourful clothes, on yourself as well as your boyfriend! From cool blues to fiery reds, there are very less colours that you don’t love.

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4. Stubborn as a bull!

Your sun sign is represented by a bull, so what else could you expect! You get your way in almost all situations and hardly ever listen to reason.

We commend your boyfriends for having so much patience to deal with a bull!

5. Big spender

Taurus women, in general, only seem to be making money easily but they actually work very hard for it. You are probably good at financial planning and work towards stability in this field. But you are in NO way greedy or stingy.

You love pampering your boyfriend with gifts and going shopping with him, both for yourself and for him! So make sure to shop at UCB this summer as they have a great collection of men’s and women’s clothing.

6. Foodie

You love food…like, a LOT! So, most of your dates consist of trying new cuisines. You know all the new restaurants and know what to order off the menu. As a result, you’ve got a compliant boyfriend who is gaining weight and who else is to blame but you. You, devil!

7. Bedroom

Things in the bedroom are always great for the two of you! You will do everything to please your lover. You’re a total romantic and will make the environment very sensual for both of you. You don’t demand much but you give generously!



SOURCEBased On Materials From Popxo
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