Karma can hit back on several terms this week. Understand other people’s problems because you have that power within you. Your personality is infused with generosity that helps many people. Try to help people who seek help from you this week. Confess everything going on inside your head with your partner and be positive all the time. Many complicated situations may come now so handle them with ease.

This week of your life is full of an abundance of energy. Being healthy helps you in performing better in the workplace. Stress can come from the numerous ideas that are creating confusion inside your head. You can write down all the chores for this week instead of memorizing them. It helps in completing all tasks on time. Your creativity in the workplace will attract people.

You may face controversies in your career this week. Some of the complicated issues may arise in front of you so handle them officially. Avoid passing negative comments about your colleagues or boss because that can damage your reputation. It is better to keep secrets and confidential information safe with you. The company has greater chances this week to expel employees from work so it is advisable to focus only on work.

Your mind will remain extremely competitive this week and this positive energy will help in carrying out matters with other persons. To become perfect do not start doubting yourself. Try to avoid negative people around you because they will discourage you in life. Overthinking harms a lot to deal with difficult issues that are why you need to stay strong. There will always be someone who will criticize no matter what things are done.

You completely deserve a break this week to feel better. Use this opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and those persons who support you. This will help in building a mutual relationship between you and your beloved persons. People who love you can show their appreciation for the hard work that you put in. Your efforts need to be appreciated because hard work pays off at last.

Colors of the week: Red, Purple

Lucky Numbers of the week: 5, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, J, C

Cosmic Tip: Never stop dreaming because that will resolve much confusion that is bothering you for a long time.

Tips for Singles: It is essential to give time to yourself before thinking about someone else.

Tips for Couples: Always confess things even if it is small because the communication gap can degrade the quality of the relationship.

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