Tension and stress may build up concerning your relationship with your partner. Issues such as ego clashes and commitment shortcomings may be the point of all the fights. Avoid such happenings to maintain a peaceful and healthy relationship. Indulge in meaningful conversation with your partner to know what they expect out of the relationship and remove all the issues that are cropping up.

There would be no major health concerns during the week although some health-related issues faced by your family or a close friend could keep you worried but be rest assured as it would be a minor issue only. Cling on to the proper healthy diet throughout the week to avoid any minor inconveniences and also indulge in some form of workout to rejuvenate your body and keep yourself moving.

You will maintain a good work-life balance throughout the week. You might be burdened with some high profile and active responsibilities at work fulfilling those would then get you a lot of appreciation from your mentor. Expect some financial crisis by the end of the week as you may be required to invest some money in household items or repairs. So make sure you plan out and spend strategically.

It will be a rush of emotions this week. Work-life would be peaceful but your personal life issues could make you feel agitated. You should make sure that you are not indulging yourself in unnecessary banter as things may get ugly real soon. Anger may take a more dominant side of you this week but do not let it overpower you. Make sure that you deal with every situation with composure at all times.

There are no long trips or vacations for you right now in your astrological chart however you may expect a short trip which would mostly be work-related only. As it would concern your professional life, you may not get enough time to relax and enjoy but strategic handling of work matters could prove to be quite beneficial for you in the coming future.

Colors of the week: White, Emerald Green

Lucky Numbers of the week: 1, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, S

Cosmic Tip: Have your emotions under control at all times.

Tips for Singles: Work life may have priority over social life but strike a good balance.

Tips for Couples: Try to understand each other emotions rather than jumping to conclusions.

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