Biggest Zodiac Mismatches
What’s your zodiac sign? Asking this can really show if you are compatible! We’ll tell you what sign to look for.

#1 Cancer and Sagittarius

cancer and sagittaruius

Surprisingly, these two can often times be too much a like to make a greta match. You are more likely to find a great friend in the other, but nothing beyond the friend zone is likely to happen.

#2 Taurus and Scorpio

taurus and scorpio

Too many fights. Too many shouting matches. Too few common interests. This should be enough to steer you clear of the other.

#3 Gemini and Pisces

gemini and pisces

This is generally a marriage of convenience. But is convenience really something you want to build a relationship around? The answer should be no.

#4 Gemini and Virgo

gemini and virgo

This is a rare combination, but when they get together bad things are bound to happen. A lot of bad blood will keep these two from a happy and fulfilling relationship.

#5 Scorpio and Gemini
scorpio and gemini

This duo is known to produce a very controlling Scorpio. If Gemini can stick it out, it should be considered quite an accomplishment. Still, chances are that wont happen.

#6 Leo and Taurus

leo and taurus

As a Leo you are a protector with a big ego. You need someone who can compliment your persona, and make you a better you. A Taurus wont be able to do that for you. Their insecure nature will have you babysitting instead of having the two of you as equals.

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