The day feels exciting and upbeat, dear Cancer, although it can be tense in moments.

With Mercury still retrograde until the 6th, you may want to be careful speaking too frankly or quickly today. Venus returns to your romance and creativity sector and will benefit your personal life until January 7th.

You express yourself with more warmth, personality, and charm in the weeks ahead. You’re in great shape for returning to an old hobby or picking up a relationship where you left off.

Today, there can be quite a bit of restlessness especially related to getting a job done or dealing with details.

Tension is possible surrounding work problems and minor but irritating challenges with your daily affairs.

Concentration levels can be abysmal, and it may be a signal that you’re in need of a challenge. Try not to expect to see both the details and the bigger picture at once right now.

Conversations and exchanges may not be entirely satisfying today, but it’s less to do with insincerity or the company you keep and more about not being in synch just for the time being.

Be as flexible as possible, and watch for displays of ego if you clash with someone over an opinion.

Push your agenda through to the top of the pile because it will get noticed and you will achieve success.

Do not refuse to consider recent suggestions without answering because of your complete dependency on emotion.

If you can be patient, everything will be fine. You may win the envy of others. If you’ve arranged an important meeting, do it as soon as possible.

During this cycle you will have a chance to change certain areas of your life Trust that you can earn money doing something you are passionate about.

You may be forced to slow down and consider where the situation you are engaged with is actually going, and what your motives are for being involved in the first place.

Don’t travel if it is not urgent. Reconsider your future ideas and plans.

Despite all you need to get done out in the world, there is a strong pull to curl up on your couch and spin a web of tranquility.

Both your intrinsic sense of home and the physical structure in which you live provide a respite from a hectic day.

Although the stress of daily life is daunting at times, turning inward enables you to reconnect with your center.

If you take a little quiet time for reflection, your feeling of overwhelm will subside.

Today’s Quote: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 11, 17, 28, 33, 34, 35

Daily Compatibility: Pisces

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