There can be an edge to communications early today that can disrupt things, dear Cancer, with Mercury in your partnership sector square Mars.

If others are pushy or pursuing you too adamantly today, you may need to draw some boundaries.

Alternatively, you may feel pressure to do too much or to make everything perfect, which can also lead to problems! Try not to overthink things.

This energy tends to subside as the day progresses. Ideally, you need a push to get going, and the tension generated now does the trick.

However, there can be some disruptions and agitations, likely related to work, responsibilities, and partnership.

Increased ambition can be part of this it may be that you’re a little too impatient to get something done or to achieve a goal, and everything else becomes a distraction as a result!

Assume a psychological posture like that of your zodiacal counterpart in nature, the Crab. Be ready to duck, dodge, sidestep, back-up, or scurry forward, all with equal dexterity.

The instincts that can help you best navigate today are so deeply seated that you need give them nary a thought and they’ll work for you.

Protect your position, your reputation, and recent progress by staying tuned into the demands of the moment at hand. Trust your instinctive responsiveness to steer you in the right direction.

Until now, while Jupiter returned to your work sector in November and Mars returned to your career sector last week, just as things were waking up, there has been no danger of life becoming all work and no play.

Not with Venus in a playful part of your chart for three out of the last four months. However, Venus’ departure yesterday and return to your work sector yesterday means there is now a greater danger.

Due to follow Venus in just 17 days’ time, Ceres’ final weeks in a playful part of your chart are all about cementing a resolve to maintain a balance between work and play.

Today’s Quote: “If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy.”

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 18, 23, 33, 43

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

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