Cancer Woman Love Personality & Traits
The Cancer Female in love personality is a creature of emotional waters and deep connections. Cancer, the crab, as one might expect is a water sign.

Water signs, as a rule, are deeply tied to their emotions and are sensitive to the moods of those around them.

The Cancer woman in love traits show that as such, emotions play a very important part of any romantic entanglement which a Cancerian might find themselves involved.

How you handle this gentle soul will be very important if you want to keep her around, as emotional closeness is paramount.

Cancer Woman In Love Personality Traits

This same connection to their emotions makes the Cancer woman in love personality deeply connected to the concepts of sensuality and intimacy, and they are likely to pull you in like a thirsty man to water.

The Cancer woman in love personality traits show that her sensitivity makes her sympathetic, charming, and subtly seductive in a way that draws people to her like flies to honey.

She is simply a quiet natural attractant for those who come to her presence, finding themselves drawn to her comforting air without any clear indication of why.

Cancerians in general, and Cancer women specifically, are creatures of home and family. When you are in love with a Cancer woman know that an invitation to her home is an indication that she has become comfortable with you and trusts you.

Not just anyone gets invited into a Cancer woman’ sanctuary. And you must be careful to respect her home and make sure that she is comfortable with you in it.

The Cancer woman in love characteristics show that you will find their homes to be appointed not necessarily lavishly, but with great care.

You may find that she has a surprisingly large center of friends, but know that these friends are like family. Unlike the Gemini woman she connects to people slowly, but when she does it is quite deeply.

How To Date A Cancer Woman

Dating a Cancer woman means being ready to hear about the emotional plights of herself and her friends, this doesn’t necessarily mean she will be drama driven, there is no certainty that that would be the case at all.

Instead, it’s a mere matter of her emotional connectedness to everyone around her. She will notice when co-workers and friends are ailing, and will inquire after their well-being.

The Cancer woman in love traits show that she will then come to you to share this knowledge, and her concerns attached to it.

Your patience with her mothering of others will be necessary to carry your relationship through.

Cancer Woman In Love Relationships

Cancer women in relationships continue this tie to family even after they have moved out on their own.

You will find them actively involved with their parents and siblings, and eagerly awaiting holidays and other family gatherings with great eagerness.

If she is not dating, the Cancer woman will be spending a fair amount of time at hearth and home, either her own, or with her blood family.

Do take care, however, for a Cancer lady is more often guilty of smothering and motherliness than negligence, and this can sometimes be quite difficult to bear.

Know that words and actions are taken to heart by a Cancer female. Her tender emotional nature can also result in her being a bit too touchy to imagined slights.

The Cancer woman in love characteristics show that her pain will run deep when she is wounded, and while her behavior, skulking about in her proverbial shell, will make it obvious, what has caused it she will tend to close in and keep inside.

Trying to pry the information out of her is going to end badly, you must continue to show that you care, but allow her to take her own time in coming out of that legendary Cancerian sulk.

Knowing your Cancer lover will help you out of this situation, surround her with comforts and her favorite foods, environment is everything to helping her work her way through this emotional state.

Once you get to know her and share good love compatibility, you’ll be able to make sure that she is warm and comfortable in her little shell, and that will help her come out faster than anything.

Know that once she does, she will pour out everything out to you that is in her heart, and the whole situation will become clear if you’ve just the heart to listen.

The Cancer woman in love personality traits show that her long term goal under the surface and sometimes straight out, marriage.

She desires to settle down, find a home, get a family (even if it’s just a collection of friends or cats) and relax into lifelong monogamy with her partner.

If conscious of her emotional states, you will find her easily the most agreeable partner one could ever wish for. For a Cancer female, home and family are forever. /by Paul Blumer

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