Taurus Daily Horoscope

Does the reward for your time and effort in a particular area justify both? You might sense an uncomfortable imbalance. But it might also be worth assessing honestly what your expectations are. It’s possible that a sense of impatience on your part could cause you to want too much, too soon. Try to replace it with a bit more patience. 

In 1998, Jim Carrey starred in a film based on an insurance salesman who discovers his life is a reality TV show. Such an invasion of personal privacy is probably something many people would jump at the chance to be part of today. But where your privacy is concerned, there is a line that you have complete control of. 

Many restaurant menus can be minimal, but they at least offer some degree of choice. Even if they only offer one item, we can have some say about how it’s cooked or prepared. You might believe your options are very limited in some way now. But you do have helpful flexibility to adjust circumstances to your advantage.