Do you want fire? Passion? Rage? Leo is the fixed fire sign. It rages forth as lion.

It takes what it wants, gets what it needs, and is a natural born leader. A leo loves being a family man and loves being the center of attention.

Leo focuses its energy in the heart, and can sometimes think too much with its heart, saving stranded ducks or taking on more than it can chew.

Leo is About the Ego

Leo is great! Leo knows it is hot stuff. He has a big ego, or she is boss. If you ask a group of Leos how it will take them to solve a Rubik’s cube, one will say, “I’M AWESOME.”

It may make dating difficult, but Leo’s naturally see things revolving around them. Something that bothers you, bother your Leo; a crisis that doesn’t involve the Leo may somehow come across as her fault; and the Leo loves to flaunt themselves before attentive eyes.

Leos will either spar with a mate they find worthy to roar back and forth with them forever… or they have a more attentive listener who will continue to fuel the Leo’s need to perform like a circus monkey forever and ever.

If you want to keep a Leo happy, keep giving them compliments. Compliment their shoulders, compliment their accomplishments, compliment their creativity, and compliment how they breathe in air.

They love to be acknowledged for all the little things they do.

Not giving your Leo verbal acknowledgements will give them self esteem issues which will either lead to a temper tantrum or bigger and louder performances to get your attention. They love getting attention. They love, love, love energy.

The Life of the Party

Leo wants to be the source of all energy in a room. Dating a Leo means that even if you go to a lame party, it’ll turn out amazing because the Leo knows how to turn a party around and make it magical bliss.

They’re always looking for opportunities to shake things up and get other people rolling with the punches. Leos love to debate, even when they have no clue what words are rolling out of their mouths.

A Leo will light the party on fire, bring some random musician friends he found on the side of the street, or get everyone dancing and freaking out over the finest beer your town has to offer.

Leos love the party, they love the love. They may be stubborn because they want to be out and about in the party, and you may be ready to go.

Leos love relationships. They’re not the most prone to sticking it to the world by being single. They like the feeling of being adored. Leos are impulsive, confident, and full of imagination.

They ready to jump into a relationship at any moment. This doesn’t mean they’re dependent, they just like collaboration rather than trying to compliment themselves all day long by themselves.

That’s tiring. No one wants to do that?

Leo will do her best to listen to your woes and figure out how they can help. They may get distracted by their awesomeness from time to time, but since they have chosen you and they like their choices, they’ll make sure to give you special time.

Leos are very confident, and they hate losing their confidence. They’ll turn into a little lion cub that needs nurturing, a friendly voice and all that.

I Want to Play!

Leos love to be playful. They want to have fun. They want to tease you. Sure, they can make themselves be serious, but they tend to click with those that make them feel like a kid again.

Seriousness from someone is appreciated, but not usually an attractive quality to a Leo. They want to be able to express their wild side, show how much fun they can have, and feel free to be as impulsive as possible.

If you seem like a boring, drag of a person, the Leo probably want find comfort in confiding in you their dream to invite a clown over to the house to do a special party for their friends and family. Leo is full of ideas, many of them insane. They click with fast paced and outrageous thinkers.

Leos want to joke around, wrestle, and get lost in a number of games. If it doesn’t have fun involved in it, than the Leo probably doesn’t see the point.

Life is about getting in their playing! Leo represents the will. Our wills go electric when we are passionate. Leo is looking for its passions, and sometimes as an adult we lose that with all the bureaucracy, career, and monotony of life.

You Need Confidence, Babe

Leos adore those that can stick up for themselves. Leo doesn’t want a partner who is insecure, unsure, or in need of constant validation.

A low maintenance partner who can take charge makes a Leo feel confident. The confident zodiac doesn’t like aligning itself with a zodiac that has little to any confidence.

You need to seem ready to spring into life, you need to have ambitions, you might actually catch the interest of a Leo if you’re not trying desperately to get its attention.

The Leo doesn’t need to be pursued — it’s a lion, it sees you right now, and at any moment it will come and take a bite out of your shoulder.

Leo doesn’t have time for mind games or complicated love interests it wants action, decisiveness, and confidence. Leos don’t like being controlled, and they don’t like seeing others be controlled.

One of the Leos I recall the most in my life was a total hippie. They were the life of the party, they would hitchhike across the country getting lost in a number of adventures.

They hated clothes, they didn’t care about who was popular, and they constantly were making up games. This Leo was incredibly smart, friendly, and impulsive.

Whatever was on his mind would pop right out and if something was in his way, if there was an obstacle, he would focus on that and only that until he could achieve it because he saw it as a test of his ego.

The Leo would pop up out of nowhere for a good time, he’d have a number of girlfriends that were all amazing. Leo has a fullness for life that most people will never have even if they tried with all their might.

Time Together, Time Alone

Leos need space, but don’t leave them in the dark too long or they’ll feel neglected, and they may start acting out due to abandonment issues.

If you see that your Leo is low on energy, let them go on their own for a bit until they’re ready again for the roulette of fun. Leo can’t resist fun, but after awhile they need to rest, so let them rest.

Take that as your cue to do something fun that you haven’t had the chance to do because you’ve been caught up in the Leo parade.

When a Leo needs to focus on something with all its soul and might step back and let them do it. Trying to intervene may upset the Leo, or they may take it personally since obstacles will attack their ego.

Don’t put too many obstacles in the way of a Leo or they’ll get completely distracted and upset.

Too intensive of challenges for the Leo will not end well since they feel a strong need to prove themselves, no matter how many times they prove to themselves that they are capable, it is a slap to the face when they can’t reach nirvana in any problem.


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