There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize something is missing.

Some call it the yin to their yang, the ebony to their ivory or even the Mario to their Luigi.

No matter what you call it, we all need it — a BFF.

You know, the kind who will Netflix and chill with you all day as you stuff your face with pizza with no judgement.

It takes a special kind of person to fulfill such a huge roll in our lives.

That special person is a Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius is essentially the best friend you’ve been praying to a higher power for. If you’re lucky, you’ve already been blessed with one.

Here are 5 reasons why everyone needs a Sagittarius BFF.

1. They’re selfless

Although it takes a while for a Sagittarius to warm up to you, once they do, you’ll realize how huge their heart is.

They’re always putting others first, and they’ll jump at the opportunity to help someone else.

A Sag is the type of person who drops what they’re doing to come to your house with fresh baked cookies after you just texted them about your breakup.

They’re the Taylor Swift to your Selena Gomez.

2. They’re loyal

Leos aren’t the only one who have this trait on lockdown. Sagittarians also possess this quality which makes them a great addition to your clique.

And let’s face it: It’s a relief to not have to worry about any back-stabbing, shadiness or frenemies.

When it comes to a Sag, they’ve got your back from the moment they consider you a friend.

3. They’re straightforward

One love-hate quality Sagittarians possess is their straightforwardness.

It can be anything from how your outfit looks to giving relationship advice, but better believe they’ll give it to you straight — no chaser, no sugarcoating, no games.

They’re brutally honest, but with less emphasis on the brutal part. At the end of the day, they genuinely care about you and don’t want to hurt you or see you get hurt.

4. They’re quirky

They say everyone is weird in their own way, but a Sagittarius takes it to a whole new level.

Not to worry though, it’s a good thing.

If a Sag is being weird around you it means they’re comfortable with you. And you can be comfortable with them, too.

There’s an ease about being with a member of this zodiac sign that makes it easy to let your hair down and be your genuine, true self.

Embrace it.

5. They’re adventurous

Random road trip? Check. Trip to Mexico? Check. Taco Tuesday? Check.

Whatever adventure you may be seeking out whether local or more exotic, count your Sagittarius BFF in.

They’re all about exploring, trying new things and anything that can bring excitement.

Dying to check out that new roller coaster? What are you waiting for? Call a Sag!

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