Everything you need to know, straight from a Leo herself.

A Leo woman is a strong, influential yet stubborn force that you certainly don’t want to mess with.

You’ll most likely see her standing up for what she believes in at a rally or confidently strutting her new outfit that she feels she ROCKS, down the street.

I’ve listed part 3, from 5 of 20 truths about a Leo woman that you NEED to know:

1. She’s very loyal

No matter what, a Leo fights for those she loves. Once you gain a Leo girl’s trust, there’s no going back.

The process to get in her inner circle may be intense, but that’s only because once you prove you are worthy she will fight to the death for you.

She will be there whenever, wherever.

2. She’s good with words

A Leo, who we’ve already established is very expressive and creative, is obviously good with words.

She’s convincing and strong, mostly because she knows how to say something. She’s very effective and can convince anyone of anything because of this talent.

3. She can be domineering

A Leo, who’s a natural born leader, can also be quite domineering. For those of you who are into that, then she’s an exquisite sex partner.

However, outside of the bedroom, it can be a little much. A Leo woman can’t help it, she was born to dominate and take over the world.

4. She’s kind of self-centered

She believes she’s right and loves herself so much, to the point of no return. She takes what’s hers, but all the time and it can get a little irritating.

A Leo woman does believe her name is on everything but cut the girl some slack, she was born to do it.

5. She’s lazy

A Leo is good with her mouth and words, as well as fighting for what she believes in. If she doesn’t believe in it but still has to do it, she most likely will give you a very hard time.

Her body shuts down for all that she doesn’t deem important. I mean, school work? Nah, she’s good.

VIABrittany Berke
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