1. Taurus

They won’t rush into their relationships. But once they are committed and all in, they give their heart in the hands of the other person and this is what they expect from their partners- to be open and true in relationship.

Romance, sensual touch and intimacy are the things they crave for, and when they don’t have it, they are always on the lookout. The sign lives for physical connection and there’s no limit to the amount of cuddling and kissing they desire.

2. Leo

Leos love the aspect of commitment, so they look out for potential partners from an early age. They like to build an intimate relationship with someone they have a connection with, rather than a stranger.

They are expressive lovers and like erotic experiences. It is through their intimate relationships that they discover different sides to themselves, and develop greater confidence in who they are.

There’s not just one single way in which you can feel intimacy, and it doesn’t have to be from a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. You can therefore still feel that intimacy when you’re single. The key is to let people in.

3. Gemini

Geminis are heavy on emotions. More than they crave for physical intimacy, they are invested in emotional intimacy with their partners. They are all about romance and conversations.

Gemini needs to be able to fully express and have their feelings reflected back to them in order to feel safe, loved, and connected to their partner. A deep emotional connection is necessary for fulfillment. They crave for a s# xual experience, that is emotional, tender and gentle.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios might have a reputation of craving for physical connection but they are emotional lovers, who desire for emotional intimacy that might be stronger. Scorpios are quite picky about who they consider having this bond with.

Even if they feel attracted to someone, they’re not going to act on it quickly, unless they get to know the person and trust them. And once the right person gets in, Scorpio needs loyalty, affection, and plenty of attention in and out of the bedroom to be fully satisfied.

While all of the zodiac signs desire some level of intimacy, these four are looking for that extra bit of closeness and affection.

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