If someone who you are passionate about decides to give you more of their attention, the planetary alignment will be good news. It is an opportunity to look at yourself and make adjustments that align with your current self. It will help you to feel better, even though the person will not see past your appearance.

Many people follow the “if my jeans fit, I’m okay” diet. This isn’t the best diet for optimal health. It might be worthwhile to take a deeper look at what you could do for your health today. When it comes to your overall health, you are much more than just wearing a pair of jeans. Drink water to keep your health in check. It’s something that you can do at any hour of the day.

The positive energy emanating from the aspects today encourages practical thinking. You are not in the right mood for romance if you’ve been looking. It is your intention to research who and what the other options are. Also, you are in the mood to make a list all of those desirable characteristics that you desire.

“The saddest people I’ve ever met in life are the ones who don’t care deeply about anything at all. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, and without them, any happiness is only temporary, because there’s nothing to make it last.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Green

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1,7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, X

Cosmic Tip: Dive right in because you might regret not having done it later.

Tips for Singles: Focus on what lies ahead of you rather than making new commitments.

Tips for Couples: Confiding in your partner can help you release pent up emotions.

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