You are very content today or might be very content Dear Gemini. Perhaps a sudden blow of happiness has come your way. You are less irritated and more involved with your family.

You will be much more active and connected to your children in the family. Talking to them will keep you engaged, and taking care of them will give a boost to your nurturing nature. You will have a very fulfilling day amidst everything.

On the health front, you seem to be very distant from a proper lifestyle. You have no interest in maintaining your meal. You may not realize it now, but it can have a bad impact on your life.

You immediately need to take care of your vital organs. Your heart and kidney need your attention. If you start exercising today and eat healthily, it will show drastic improvement.

You are doing fine at your job. Do not hope for anything more than decent pay and an averagely busy day at work. You are not enjoying your job as it is too mundane for you.

But you will soon get a hang of your task. You cannot waste this opportunity because of your disinterestedness. You have to look for ways to find interest in your job. Start working with a focused mind.

Today’s Quote: “I know you can’t promise much right now, but please promise me this – promise me you’ll hang in there because I can promise you things will get better.”

Colors of the day: Yellow, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, T

Cosmic tip: Do not overthink everything, you are better than your doubts.

Tips for Singles: Staying away from people your age will make you antisocial.

Tips for Couples: Life’s too short to stay indoors and fight with your spouse.

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