Today you will enjoy both professionally and personally. You will be appreciated and rewarded for your hard work. You have worked definitely and consistently all the way through and the person who deserves all this is you. Cherish the support of the members of your family and nurture the bond with them. Do not forget to express gratitude for their never-ending support. Try to do important work in the evening.

You will be feeling actually quite healthy so there is no such bad news in the health sector. Your health is at its highest level this day. You can enjoy your prolific health and go for a walk outside or play your favorite game. Your levels of energy are high today and your spirits are higher. The fun and exercise will keep you healthy. Doing exercise is all that is required today.

Today, you will get a chance to show people your talents. This will make you feel proud of your abilities. It is important that you also focus on setting clear goals. Office romance is going to make you feel butterflies in your stomach but try to keep this out of the office because your co-workers might not appreciate it and even complain to your boss. This can cause conflicts so try to keep romance out of office.

“Silence is a practice of emptying, of letting go. It is a process of hollowing ourselves out so we can open to what is emerging. Our work is to make ourselves receptive. The organ of receiving is the human heart, and it is here that we feel the deep ache of loss, the bittersweet reminders of all that we loved, the piercing artifacts of betrayal, and the sheer truth of impermanence. Love and loss, as we know so well, forever entwined.”

Colors of the day: Sea Water Blue, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, D, C

Cosmic Tip: Forgiving someone is difficult than hating them.

Tips for Singles – Now is not the time to go on dates.

Tips for Couples – Talk about things that are bothering you or your partner in your relationship.

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