Gemini – Spiritual and religious matters are a topic of interest to you right now. It’s possible to share your beliefs and knowledge with close friends, which can prove quite enlightening. You will be inspired artistically by what you discover. Don’t be surprised to find yourself writing your thoughts down or creating pictures from them. Don’t limit yourself!

Your concern for other people brings you closer to feeling the need for the same concern for your own well-being. It may mean that you get hurt before you realize how important it is to set boundaries. You can start paying more attention to what you are doing by following a better-organized healthcare program. By taking care of you, others will see that you are taking care of them. Remember to drink enough fluids and water for healthy blood circulation.

Your sugar honey will be more passionate and feisty due to the planetary alignment. You may find this a little too difficult, particularly if you like peace and quietness. Although they may use many creative or athletic methods to try to convince you to participate in their games you’ll likely complain about having a panic attack and not cooperate.

“Convince yourself everyday that you are worthy of a good life. Let go of stress, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.”

LUCKY COLOR – Blue and Maroon

LUCKY NUMBER – 9 and 5


COSMIC TIP – Let bygones be bygones.

SINGLES TIP – Make career your priority

COUPLES TIP – Be patient with your self.

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