You will have to work hard to complete your tasks at work and participate more in the activities conducted in your office. Your friends may come to visit you today and you find yourself working towards your dreams and becoming more goal-oriented rather than allowing procrastination to waste away your time. You will miss your family and you will make plans for meeting them and spending some quality time with them.

You will end up overworking yourself in the first half of the day which is why it is advised that you take small breaks to replenish your energy instead of exhausting yourself, mentally and physically. Binge eating is not helping you in any way, especially in no positive way, which is why you need to curb the urge to eat whenever you are stressed. You need to start meditating as well.

You have started communicating recently about the problems you have been facing emotionally and mentally, and you realize that you can see an improvement in your mental health and the relationships you share with your family as well. You are finally getting where you have always wanted to be, in a positive state of mind without letting the words of others affect your mental well-being, which is why you should also be proud of yourself.

“Don’t blame yourself. You believed what he/she told you, because you trusted him/her. You’re a warm, open, trusting person. And you’re trustworthy. Trustworthy people like us always get screwed, because we expect other people to be like us. Don’t let his/her bad behavior make you question yourself.”

Colors of the day: Light Blue, Dark Green

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4,8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, K

Cosmic Tip: Focus on the present than on the past.

Tips for Singles: Stop searching for love in every person you meet.

Tips for Couples: Communicate with your partner effectively.

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