The good news? Today you can find stability for your passionate emotions. You may be aggressive in your natural nature. You can manage this urge as long as you keep it under control. It’s not necessary to start a battle today. It’s important to stay grounded and do the right thing. The main concern will be practical issues.

Your lucky star wants you to draw on your creative talents. Your creative talents are endless. The sooner you use them in your daily life the happier you’ll be.

The cosmos has once again called you to get out your best clothes for an evening full of entertainment. You can take a bold, unorthodox step that you might normally avoid because of the planetary alignment. You will be able to see how important it is to leave home, but you’ll have more sense of the stakes if this happens.

“You’ll lose it, you’ll come down, but that’s okay. Don’t knock it. Because the grace to experience the possibility of yourself keeps helping you aim and redirect — and as you learn how to do it, every time you start to come down — the things that bring you down are your own clinging, fears, unworthiness, self-pity, stuff like that. And you just start to ‘here ma you take it, here Ram Dass you take it, you take my stuff, I don’t need it anymore.’

And everything that interferes with your tuning to God within yourself, you just start to let it go. No big deal about it, you just start to let it go.”

Lucky color – Blue and White

Lucky number – 4 and 1

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with – K and H

Cosmic tip – Appreciate yourself a little bit, only when you will understand your worth others will realize your value.

Tips for singles – Always be at your best.

Tips for couples – Give each other space.

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