You will get permanent access to someone’s heart today. Your new affair will start fresh and intimate. You will be open-minded and will start looking for that pure love you always wanted. Do not let your harsh past memories affect your present. What happened in the past, stays there. Do not carry that baggage with you as your partner can get a little disappointed. If you are scared, take one step at a time.

You may be worried about your blood pressure today. If you are facing any problem related to it or notice any symptoms of blood pressure rising or falling then you should immediately go to your doctor. You may have been ignoring this problem for a long time ago and today it can show its dangerous results. However, it can still be treated if you go to your doctor today and seek their advice.

Due to the planetary arrangements, you are likely to lose your temper today. Try to keep checking in with your argumentative feelings and calm it down. You can get frustrated and just want to relax your body. However, you should not behave in a manner that can offend other people. These feelings will go as the day progresses but till then you need to keep them in control. Losing your temper will only make things worse for you.

“You have dug your soul out of the dark, you have fought to be here; do not go back to what buried you.”

Colors of the day: Royal Blue, Light Green

Lucky numbers of the day: 0, 3, 7

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: B, V, C

Cosmic tip: Spending too much time worrying about what to wear daily? Limit your wardrobe to only 3 colors.

Tips for Singles: There are so many things you can explore while you are single.

Tips for Couples: If something is bothering you about your partner then state it clearly to them. Keeping that inside will only lead to misunderstandings.

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