Today’s day is for Gemini, who just wants to lay on their backs and gaze up at the sky. You can spot one that looks exactly like your mother, one that looks like an angel, or one that looks like something from a book. Take someone with you to the grass and let them see what you are seeing. Your brain is wired to pay attention only to certain shapes. This information can provide important clues.

You may be motivated by today’s transit to take part in a group activity. This could include helping other people plan and help them. If it is a birthday celebration for someone you know, be aware of the need to help spread a sense of community. Get your heart rate up and do some exercise to feel a sense that you are participating fully. You will feel more grounded when you can physically engage with your strength and are ready to help others.

Fantasies can be energizing when they reflect your deeper emotions. You have the opportunity to play out some of your most enduring, playful fantasies in today’s celestial environment. You can arrange the scene however you like, and let your lover experience your original passion. This will make you both feel more connected.

“Free up that heart of yours
Make room for new mistakes
Newfound hurts
Newfound wisdom
There are life-changing moments
just waiting for you to make a path,
to move beyond your comfort zone,
new moments,
longing to share the stage with that heart of yours.”




COSMIC TIP– Time heals

SINGLES TIP– Move on from your past.

COUPLES TIP– Relax and let the universe do its work.

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