Geminis, you are a brilliant sign who swiftly picks up new information. You’re insightful, analytical, and frequently hilarious. You have a childish curiosity and are continually asking further questions. Even if you’ve only met someone for a few minutes, you have an extraordinary capacity to judge their character in a matter of seconds. You’ll be the first to recognize whether someone is bluffing. You are excellent speakers, as well as attentive and receptive listeners. You are adaptable, able to function as both introverts and extroverts and this is why today you will be graced with lots of compliments today!

Seasonal allergies, common cold, and allergies torment you, Gemini. When your bronchial troubles aren’t bothering you, you communicate with your arms and hands, which can throw your necks out of alignment. Anxious and pessimistic, Gemini’s evil twin is a nervous and suspicious sign. You are likely to experience a generalized anxiety disorder, sleeplessness, and tense tiredness. Protect yourself from the cold by layering up and beginning to engage in your health.

Geminis flourish in fast-paced, dynamic workplaces that provide diversity and the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people, technologies, and situations. You can move through anything rapidly, but be aware that you may become bored quickly if you aren’t given a broad worklist. Just make sure you’re not working in a monotonous atmosphere, and you’ll be OK.

Today’s Quote: “All I’d ever wanted was to forget. but even when I thought I had, pieces had kept emerging, like bits of wood floating up to the surface that only hint at the shipwreck below.”

Colors of the day- Baby pink, Cyan.
Lucky numbers of the day- 6, 8.
Lucky Alphabets, you will be in sync with- M, N.
Cosmic Tip: Do not overwork yourself.
Tips for Singles – Pay attention to who is around you.
Tips for Couples – You are not giving ample time to your partner. Give them time.

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