You are going to start your day with a sudden boost of energy. Intellectually you are in a sound state of mind. You are filled with positivity, and this will help you to work efficiently and elegantly.

In your relationships, things are slowly taking a better turn. You will be less worried about the future. It will make you able to enjoy your present with your loved ones.

In matters of health, you have to make some diet changes to look after your stomach ailments. Your ability to digest is not functioning properly. It is your sign to refrain from oily food and snacks.

Try to do some aerobic exercises and increase the intake of fibrous food. You have to improve your bowel movements. You can start cycling too.

If you are a student waiting for the selection list of any college, scholarship, or competition, then you have to wait longer. Today is not your day as you won’t succeed in them.

However, it will bring a sudden change to you. This failure will encourage and inspire you to handle stress positively. It is true for working fellows too. You will have to be patient to access success.

Today’s Quote: “Free up that heart of yours; Make room for new mistakes; Newfound hurts; Newfound wisdom; There are life-changing moments just waiting for you to make a path, to move beyond your comfort zone, new moments, longing to share the stage with that heart of yours.”

Colors of the day: Mauve, Brown

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, P

Cosmic tip: Follow your guts and value your principles.

Tips for Singles: Your gut feeling will ask you to stay away from creeps.

Tips for Couples: Love partners must try new things in the relationship.

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