Geminis, you might be doing some very important homework, but it is possible that unexpected guests might offer other suggestions. Do not get frustrated or angry. Let your friends know what is happening and explain it politely, but firmly. You’ll likely understand, so don’t try to make them feel uncomfortable.

While your thoughts are focused on the future, you should also be thinking about the present. Focus some of your energy on developing good habits to improve your vision. Drink healthy smoothies containing spirulina and chlorella once or twice per week. You will see a rise in Vitamin A levels from these and other sources. This is important for your vision. Sports like tennis, which rely on eye coordination and hand movements are great forms of exercise.

You are feeling really great today. Make a special dinner for your partner and enjoy spoiling him. You will be able to strengthen your relationship with your partner by taking the time to express how you feel. You may be looking for love if you help another person in difficult situations.

“Isn’t it a shame, that we are so quick to forgive the humanness in someone else’s soul, but we often forget to forgive ourselves? Isn’t it a shame, that we fight for others, we believe in them with such intensity, and such hope, but we often forget to fight for ourselves?”

Colors of the day: Maroon, Sky Blue, Lavender

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, B

Cosmic Tip: Every single thing in this universe happens for a reason. So do not worry about what is happening in your life. Learn your lessons properly and move on.

Tips for Singles: Meet new people with all that zest and energy.

Tips for Couples: Give your other half some air to breathe, do not try to pry. There has to be some breathing space for a relationship to survive.

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