You’re in a forward-looking, expressive, and positive mood, dear Gemini, and you’re in need of fresh emotional experiences.

While it can take some time to settle yourself enough to get in touch with your intuition on a matter today, your thinking is ingenious regarding people, goals, and career.

While you tend to want to go your own way today, sharing ideas and experiences with others can be especially rewarding.

Mentoring and guiding can be satisfying, and you enjoy learning something or sharpening your own skills and knowledge as you do. This is a good day for seeing the big picture, ultimately, but you might begin with doing some analyzing of the details.

A meaningful conversation can figure strongly now, but again, you’ll come to the best conclusions after processing everything on your own.

You are dealing with glamour in the public eye. You command a certain charismatic presence that relies on someone else’s investment in you.

Your outer confidence may be masking some muddy waters; however, you are only revealing the reflective surface to the world at large.

Keep it that way, and manage the lack of clarity in private now, if you can. Luckily, you are excellent at directing people’s attention where you want it to go. Razzle-dazzle and put on a good show.

As you move into some important days for personal and professional networking in general, the Moon makes this especially favourable for professional networking, friendship and relationship building.

In all professional encounters, it is an ability to use your sixth sense that will give you the upper hand.

This will allow you to read between the lines, judge body language and not just rely on information your five senses are picking up on. This makes it important to trust your gut, even if you can’t explain why.

Today’s Quote: “Don’t love too soon. Don’t trust too fast. Don’t quit too early. Don’t expect too high. Don’t talk too much.”

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 11, 14, 36

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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