You may be experiencing a burning internal fire at the moment, Gemini, but there isn’t enough fuel to keep it going at this time. People may seem to be trying to ruin your party, but in reality, they are just carrying out their statutory obligations. Relax and take some time to reflect on what is going on in your environment. If you want to bring about change and promote new ideas, it’s likely that today isn’t the best day to do it.

It is possible that you are in a tough situation, Dear Gemini. Meditation is an excellent method for eliminating bad energy from one’s environment. Aside from that, it seems like your health is in excellent condition today as well. Stop using nicotine and include physical activity in your daily routine. Stressors should be kept to a minimum. Prepare yourself for a realistic set of goals in order to prevent being stuck in situations that are almost difficult to escape, which may cause emotional agony. Have faith in yourself and remind yourself on a regular basis of the things you do very well.

Someone close to you, such as a sibling or a family member, is severely missing you. Alternatively, invite them out for a cup of coffee or give them a call. Make some space in your schedule for them. Sit down with them and discuss anything and everything that comes to mind. It is critical to be an effective listener. Allow yourself to let out everything that has been troubling you recently. Having this discussion with your brother will undoubtedly be beneficial to both of you. Spend time with friends and reminisce about the good old days.

“I don’t understand women that call themselves a “bitch”. It doesn’t empower a woman. Rather, it reveals to everyone that you were deeply hurt at one time. Because of the pain your still carrying, you will continue to hurt anyone that reminds you of those moments when you let your guard down and were fooled. Sadly, it sends a clear message to the observant that you are still hurt. If only women would realize that “we all” have moments of stupidity then they would stop comparing themselves to the masses.”

Lucky Number: 6, 8

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky Alphabets: I, J

Cosmic tip: Prioritize yourself.

Tips for singles: Enjoy your company and a little time alone.

Tips for couples: Do not hide anything from your partner.

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