Dear Gemini, this month is going to manifest a lot of passion in your life. It will bring you a lot of fortune and good health. The starting of the month will be very busy as you will be involved in numerous social commitments. But as the month will progress you will encounter a relaxing phase full of goodness and warmth from your loved ones. In the later part of the month, you might get into some argument, but it will be resolved.

By the middle of the month, your health conditions will start to improve if you start making efforts from the very beginning. You will need professional guidance for better health, and you must not refrain from seeking this health. This month you will get invited to a few parties, but you must not lose your control over alcohol. You cannot let the alcohol do the talking on your behalf.

Professionally, this month will help you to reach unexpected heights. You will be grateful for the opportunities that are about to come your way. These opportunities may seem tiring at first, but they will fetch you a better financial position and provide you with a promising future. You must not stop yourself from venturing into these upcoming projects. It will be a great transition phase of your career. Therefore, you have to be open-minded and calm.

This month your stars are planning to shower you with all the blessings they can. You will feel lucky for the company you have with you. It will make sure that the issues in your relationship are resolved by mid-month. The tug of war between your brain and heart will end, and you will be able to embrace the happiness around you.

You will have an exciting month, and it will become more exciting if you can get hold of some exclusive tickets to an adventurous site. You may not realize this at first, but the lack of adrenaline rush is corroding your happiness. This trip will become all more exciting as your partner will agree to accompany you. It will be a great opportunity to talk about your future goals too.

Colors of the month: Red, Black

Lucky Numbers of the month: 6, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, R

Cosmic Tip: Do not shy away from expressing your desires, because that is defining trait.

Tips for Singles: This transitioning phase will help you to make life altering decisions in terms of dating.

Tips for Couples: This month is the best time to explore your s#xual desires with partner.

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