Dear Gemini, do not hold yourself accountable for the things that hardly involve you. You are not the only caregiver. You must make it your motto to prioritize yourself over others. There is no need to feel bad about things you do not wish to do. You are a hardworking soul and that will not go in vain. This month your attempts to mend ties with your family might not work and cause you pain, but soon it will make you stronger.

For Geminis, it is going to be the month for working out and glowing. It is your time to figure out what suits your skin the best. Developing good self-care techniques for yourself and influencing your friends to do so too. It is time to upgrade your skincare routine and strictly follow the advice. This month you should also start eating leafy vegetables, rich in iron, to develop good health habits.

Dear Geminis, your business is going to see the light of success this month. All your investments are going to fetch greater profits. It will help you to land a better financial state and allow you to invest more. On the job front, you will feel content about your choice of the path because that is what you always wanted to pursue. However, no matter what you do, you will end up with the urge to achieve more.

This month all your emotions are likely to be heightened. You will start feeling more than expected, and it will bring out your compassionate side more than ever. It is a great time to express all your latent feelings to your partner and seek their compassion. You will feel high in life, once you figure out the ways to manage your mood swings and desires. Be vocal about them in every situation.

Dear Gemini, although your work and/ or business are bringing great outcomes and you need a break to celebrate that, you will find no time to manage a trip. The month is going to be a hectic one for Geminis and keep them busy. The only trips you can arrange this month are field trips to your worksite or your office. Or you can take imaginary trips to your dream locations!

Colors of the day: Salmon Pink, Sky Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 3, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, M, T

Cosmic Tip: Do not let anyone command you in everything and every decision.

Tips for Singles: True love lies in the small things and it finds you at the right place.

Tips for Couples: Sitting together and discussing matters over coffee can ease up all the tension.

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