You may feel an extremely deeper connection with the person that you have been dating and this could mark the beginning of something really beautiful and special which is here to stay. You may be engaging in some intimate conversations with your friends and family and this will serve to be quite important for your future. Speak your heart out and be rest assured that they will understand the circumstances that you are willing to convey to them.

You are required to take extra special care of your health this week as you may neglect your own health due to some mental health issues. Always remember your body is your temple so nothing should be able to hamper it in any way. Try other modes of workout such as some light home workouts or you could go for some yoga which will be the best option. Eat light and simple foods and do not indulge in savory foods to keep good gut health intact.

It can be a little intimidating for you this week, Gemini. The polar character that you have been depicting at work and personal life can make you feel torn but never lose hope. This time shall also pass so always keep your head high up and believe in yourself. Indulge yourself in self-care in case you feel you require an absolute boost of mood at the moment but never let the stress and overthinking get to you.

This week could make you feel very low at work because it looks like everyone is achieving what they want in life except you. But always remember that it is just something that is all in your head. You have put and still are putting a considerable amount of effort into the work that you are doing and your time will also come. Maybe it is just someone else’s time to shine and yours will come later. So never quit and keep putting in the same kind of hard work and dedication.

Colors of the week– Deep purple, Green
Lucky alphabet– K, C
Lucky number– 3, 6
Cosmic tip– Cherish those times of closer relationship with your loved ones.
Tip for singles– Be mindful and never hesitate to care for yourself.
Tip for couples– Be ready for that big, special step in your life ahead.

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