Keep it casual or go deep? Your emotions may waver on Friday, February 1, as lusty Mars in your platonic sector clashes with intensifier Pluto in your eighth house of seduction, merging and intimacy.

Single? Part of you may prefer a no-strings-attached steamy hookup—possibly with a friend or acquaintance. While all’s fair between consenting adults, don’t lead anyone on if you know you don’t want anything serious now.

If you do dabble with a pal, talk it through so you don’t needlessly destroy a solid and important connection. You might THINK you can handle it, but your emotions will be dialed up under this Mars-Pluto transit, and you could be struck by a wave of jealousy, resentment or possessiveness.

You may experience those feelings with a non-romantic partner as well. Stay mindful of what’s going on inside your psyche and tame those knee-jerk reactions.

Attached? If you suspect bae of something unsavory, be slow to accuse but quick to don your detective’s chapeau and get some evidence. For all you know, they’re planning a sweet surprise for you—but this distrusting behavior could cause them to rethink the whole thing.

Things should settle down on Saturday, when equilibrium is restored and you’re back in your social, upbeat groove. With affectionate Venus in your partnership realm sweetly aligned with community-minded Uranus in your friendship zone, you’ll be in the mood to gather the tribe and hold a powwow.

Whatever you get up to, grab a few more seats than you may have planned for, or get another person to drive since your little retinue could turn into a caravan! Is there a winter market in town or within driving distance?

Is the art theater doing a mini-marathon of a favorite director? With you back in your high-vibe element, you’ll have no trouble finding the festivities.

Note: You’ll probably be happiest and most inspired hanging with creative, left-of-center artists, inventors and iconoclasts. And if you’re flying solo, a meeting of the minds could turn into a melting of the hearts, so don’t judge a book by its cover!

Sunday’s stars turn up the heat on your amorous life as vixen Venus sidles into Capricorn and your erotic and sensual eighth house until March 1. Regardless of your current relationship status, this is a perfect moment to give your lingerie drawer a refresh and to pick up an outfit that makes you feel sexy.

A sizzling attraction could heat up when you least expect it, and you’ll want to be ready to spring into action. In earthy Capricorn, the love planet can give you a sense of groundedness and turn your thoughts to the future and commitment.

The eighth house intensifies desires, but if you know you want something with potential, put strong filters in place before things go too far—because in the heat of the moment, you won’t have the best judgment.

Coupled Geminis may be eager to take your bond to a deeper level, whether moving in together or going ring shopping together. Could your love life use a little rekindling? It could be reheated with that new lingerie and some boudoir experimentation. If the rift is deeper, you might need to turn to a professional.

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