Are you a Taurus woman who is wondering what sign may be best for you in terms of a long lasting romantic relationship?

Here is the low down to help you decide.

Taurus Woman And ARIES MAN Compatibility

You as a Taurus woman; will find that you and your Aries guy make a complementary match. He will be a very active and ambitious man while you are able to keep the home fires comfortable.

You are both independent but the one area that could possibly cause an issue is his possessiveness. While you like to take your time getting involved; he’ll go along with this even if he doesn’t like it.

Strong will is part of you as is part of the Aries man. This is something you’ll have in common.

His temper may be a bit hotter than yours but you’ll be calm enough to make sure things blow over and don’t go overboard.

Once you two commit; you’ll find the security and stability that you both seek which makes you two very happy together. The sex should be fairly exciting and fulfilling with you two.

Taurus Woman And TAURUS MAN Compatibility

Taurus woman with a Taurus man is one of the better matches. Though you’re both a bit stubborn; you seem to really “get” each other on a deep level.

Communication should be fairly decent but may still require some work.

You are both calm, calculated, and will take your relationship slow enough to make sure that everything cultivates in a wonderful direction. The bedroom will be an experience to behold and full of passion.

He seems to know what you need and you intuitively know what he wants. With this going for you; there isn’t a whole lot that could tear you two apart.

You will butt heads from time to time though because well; you’re both Taurus.

This relationship is truly soul mate material. No matter what issues may come up; you will be able to talk everything through. Working together to make sure misunderstandings are handled will secure longevity.

Taurus Woman And GEMINI MAN Compatibility

The Gemini man tends to like to move quickly versus your need to move slowly. This could create conflict from the start.

If you’re really into him; you’ll need to explain why you need time. He’ll need to bend to give you time.

He will want to be more active and social than what you may be used to. Again; compromise will have to be worked on between you.

While you can go out on a limb and go be social with him; he’ll also need to understand time at home is important to you as well.

Taurus is very loyal and isn’t one to continue flirting with others. The Gemini man is an eternal flirt.

You may not like this behavior and could cause some situations to breed mistrust between you.

This relationship calls for lots of compromising and finding middle ground. It IS possible to work it out if you are both willing to do it.

Taurus Woman And CANCER MAN Compatibility

The Cancer is a wonderful match for you. He wants security and stability just like you do. He’s a caring man.

While you like to spend lots of time at home; the Cancer will want to be with you. He normally is sociable but his home and family is the most important thing to him in his life. The bedroom will hold many treasures for you.

You two are able to open up emotionally to each other and feel very comfortable. This is the man you’ll find home and a future.

He is intuitive by nature and will probably know when something isn’t right and will somehow know what you need to make it better.

The only concern here is trying to make sure that neither of you become complacent nor take each other for granted. You will need to do what you can to appreciate one another to make it last.

Taurus Woman And LEO MAN Compatibility

You and the Leo man are both fixed signs which may mean you may have a hard time bending toward each other. He seeks plenty of love and adoration while you want stability.

The Leo man is a bit unpredictable and spontaneous. He wants adventure and to be very social.

This could create a bit of a rift between you when you want to stay home and not be quite the social butterfly he is.

With your romantic side, you should be able to make your Leo man feel special and loved. He also will not mind you being possessive or jealous. He’ll take it as a compliment and find it cute.

Leo could at some point get tired of keeping things at a slower pace. He likes to sometimes take risks that you don’t like to make.

You two will need to make sure you talk about everything to make sure you can find balance.

Taurus Woman And VIRGO MAN Compatibility

With you both being loving people who are looking for stability as well as security; this will be what draws you to each other.

You’ll be able to have this bond instantly. You two are kindred spirits with one another.

Virgo is well spoken and even-tempered. He will take things at a nice pace. You may actually want to go slower than even he does. You may also not want to talk about things as much as he does.

Problems that could emerge between you is making decisions about your lives together. The Virgo man will think of solutions quickly while you may want to take your time and really mull things over.

You could also find issue with the Virgo man and jealousy. He isn’t that type but you can be. This relationship would take a lot of work but it is possible to make it work if you two are willing to compromise.

If your Virgo man is still confusing you with his behavior, it’s time for you to take a very deep and detailed look into what’s going on in his mind.

Taurus Woman And LIBRA MAN Compatibility

Each of you has kind hearts and generous intention. You’re both into building a home together.

This has the possibility of being a very strong match. Since neither of you have a problem taking your time; you can build something powerful over time.

Romance will likely not be an issue for the two of you. The Libra man enjoys being romantic and will want to swoon his loyal Taurus lady. You’re both intellectual yet laid back which makes for a very cozy partnership.

Once committed; you’re both in it for the long haul and are not likely to have jealousy or possessive issues. You’ll both trust each other and will have a great relationship.

You two will likely do well in every area of your lives. There could be some minor blips on the radar but nothing you two cannot handle. The Libra man is a really great match for you Taurus!

Taurus Woman And SCORPIO MAN Compatibility

You likely don’t have a whole lot in common with the Scorpio man. You are both driven career-wise but other than that, you’re quite opposite.

You’ve got a calmer demeanor while the Scorpio man is fiery and his fuse gets lit quickly.

You both have strong willpower and the drive for success with your work. However; when he wants a strong emotional connection; you may not yet be able to put that on the table.

The sex between you two may be passionate as the Scorpio is naturally very sensual. You’re also sensual in a different way which makes for a sexy mix. This area of your lives shouldn’t be a problem.

You are one to not hide your thoughts are feelings much while he’s secretive and mysterious.

This could create ripples and thus causing this relationship requires much hard work. Compromise and understanding will be the biggest factor here.

The Scorpio man is truly one of a kind…he can be yours…but only if you learn to fully understand him and Speak his language.

Taurus Woman And SAGITTARIUS MAN Compatibility

There is a major physical attraction here between the two of you. The Sagittarius man is adventurous and exciting.

However; at some point; he may see you as a stick in the mud. He’s very social while you may not be quite so much.

He will want to get out and do things rather than staying at home feeling secure. While romance and sex is never an issue between you two; there are fundamental life issues you two will likely encounter.

The Sagittarius man likes to have personal freedom and not feel bad about it. While he will commit to you; he won’t be as concerned about setting down roots and trying to stay in one place for too long.

Sagittarius men do not like jealousy, possessiveness, or feeling tied down. You’ll have to keep the excitement and freshness flowing in order to keep it long term. It is possible but it may not be easy.

Taurus Woman And CAPRICORN MAN Compatibility

If you are lucky enough to land a Capricorn man in your life; you may have found a match that will last you a lifetime and be the strongest relationship you’ve ever had. In fact, this could be your perfect match!

You’ll both be incredibly loyal to one another. You’ll have a cerebral and physical connection alike. Neither one of you are at the emotional end of the spectrum which makes for a peaceful match.

In the bedroom you have plenty of sensuality as well as kinkiness. You will have plenty of fun with each other in the sexual area of your relationship. There isn’t any trouble to be had here.

It’s rare that these two will have any problems that are “make it or break it”. The small troubles that could happen are typically something that can be worked past fairly easily. If you’re looking for the best partner, this may be the one.

Taurus Woman And AQUARIUS MAN Compatibility

While the two of you are drawn to each other physically; you may prove to be somewhat different. They can work together to make a strong home together and become structured.

Neither of you will want to move quickly which is nice for building stability and longevity. Aquarius may want to take a little longer than you will want but it would be worth it in the long run.

Aquarius men like to have personal freedom as you do so you’ll be able to find common ground in spending time apart as well as together. In the bedroom you’ll both need to work at it but it can be fulfilling.

You like to have routine in your life which could be an issue with your Aquarius man who can be spontaneous and a bit unpredictable.

His mood swings are sometimes hard to understand. If you can find compromise and keep communication open; you can make it work out.

Taurus Woman And PISCES MAN Compatibility

This could be an amazing match emotionally. You love being taken care of by a good man and he loves to take care of his lady. You seem to connect with one another in a way that no others can.

Sexually speaking; he’s very spiritual and will want to spend time connecting often. While you may not be into the spiritual aspect; you won’t mind being in bed with him as much as you can.

You two will build a wonderful home together. He’ll have all the energy flowing nicely and you’ll enjoy decorating it. Togetherness is no issue for the two of you.

You have no trouble telling him what you feel and he will open up to you deeply as well which creates a wonderful connection.

The only issue the two of you could encounter would be related to finances and material things. It’s as simple as finding middle ground to make it last.

This article should give you enough information to start with. However, if you want to dig deeper, you may want to consider other astrological aspects that could play a role in deep connections.

SOURCE/Based On Materials From: Anna Kovach
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