Mars Retrograde is a major cosmic event that we will be working with as we wrap up the final months of the year.

Mars starts its retrograde journey on September 9, and as it journeys through the underworld, it is going to be activating and triggering very sensitive degrees of the zodiac.

It’s almost like Mars is going to revisit all the transformative and powerful zodiac alignments of the year, and light them up one more time.

2020 has indeed brought some life-changing astrological alignments, so having Mars wake everything up and trigger all we have been through, is definitely going to feel a little intense.

Mars also happens to go retrograde on the numerologically potent day of 9/9. In numerology, the 9th day of the 9th month represents a completion or the peak point of our lessons of the year.

It is during the 9th month of the year that we really begin understanding and coming into greater awareness of our personal year number.

Mars Retrograde on a Global Level
While we are all going to feel this Mars Retrograde energy on a personal level, know that Mars’ work is also affecting us on a global level.

This is mostly due to the alignments Mars will be making with Saturn and Pluto during its retrograde.

Mars will be triggering the things we have seen play out on the world stage in matters relating to politics, government, power, and control.

2020 was always destined to be a year that brought the breakdown and dismantling of darker, denser energies so we can shift the planet into a higher state of consciousness.

During Mars Retrograde 2020, we can expect to see:

  • Power struggles
  • Exposed corruption
  • General Unrest
  • Disruption
  • Protests/Uprisings
  • Fear-based attitudes
  • Riots

Mars can’t create tension out of nothing, but it can trigger what is already present so we can clear and release it for good.

All that comes up during this Mars Retrograde are things that need to be exposed so we can shift and change them as a collective.

Mars Retrograde on a Personal Level
Mars Retrograde is a time where we revaluate our life path and direction.

It is a time where we are encouraged to think about our actions, and whether they are aligned with the life and world we want to create.

Mars Retrograde is a good time to re-write the script on our dreams and goals, and to think about what is really worth our time and energy.

This Mars Retrograde cycle is also connected to the previous Mars Retrograde that unfolded back from June-August 2018.

Think back to this time and see how far you have traveled. Know that any hardships or themes you were working with around this time may finally come to a close or resolution under this current Mars Retrograde cycle.

As Mars travels through the underworld, we may find ourselves feeling a little lethargic or that we can’t move forward with ease.

Mars Retrograde can bring delays and slow things down to a crawl, but this is only so we can take the much needed time to ensure that what we are wanting to do is in alignment with our true and highest self.

After Mars goes direct on November 13th, we will receive a boost of energy and it will be far easier for us to push forward on the things that we have wanted to do.

We may also find that things we wanted to do have shifted or changed. This is why it’s important to trust divine timing, especially when we have a planet like Mars in Retrograde.

Trusting Divine Timing
This idea of trusting Divine timing is also going to be amplified from October 13 to November 3, as Mercury will be in retrograde at the same time.

Having both Mars and Mercury in retrograde together is definitely going to slow things down and make us feel uncertain or confused about what direction to head in.

It is not advisable to make big commitments or life-altering decisions during this period if possible, as this is considered a period of transition.

During a period of transition, we have to wait for the tables to turn in order to see where we are going to end up.

If we try to force a decision, we are likely to find that what we thought we wanted no longer aligns with where we have ended up.

Trusting and listening to your intuition will be extra important during this time, as will focusing on self-care.

Overall, Mars Retrograde is a period where everything that 2020 has been about comes to the forefront.

Things need to change, and this Mars Retrograde will be ensuring that everything is up and out on the table.

Here’s how you can navigate the energy:

    • Balance your energy levels
    • Protect your boundaries
    • Listen to your body
    • Work on the Root Chakra
    • Be Patient
SOURCEBased On Materials From ForeverConscious
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