The September Full Moon falls on the 1-2nd of the month in the dreamy, ethereal, and sensitive zodiac of Pisces.

There is a deep, awakening energy to this Full Moon, not just because it falls in the naturally psychic zodiac of Pisces, but because it also makes a harmonious alignment to Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of awakening and change. It encourages us to see things with fresh perspective. It guides us to look at things with a new lens in order to shift our awareness and raise our consciousness.

Under this awakening energy, it felt like the right time to introduce this idea:

While the Full Moon falls in the zodiac of Pisces, if we looked to the cosmic skies, you would actually find it sitting in the constellation of Aquarius.

Yes, the western zodiac and the constellations are not aligned. Zodiacs are drawn by astrologers and are considered gateways to help decode a particular part of the sky. They do not match up with the actual constellations we see in the sky.

There has been a growing shift in the astrological community to bring more awareness to this, and to begin honoring the constellations.

Without diving too deeply into this – as it could be a whole post on its own- I too have felt the calling to not just honor the zodiac system used in traditional western astrology, but also sidereal astrology, which aligns itself with the constellations.

I almost feel that traditional western astrology that uses set zodiacs could be called earth-based astrology, whereas sidereal astrology, which follows the constellations could be called galactic astrology.

I think there is merit to both of these systems. I feel both of them help to guide and assist us in understanding our relationship with the cosmic skies above.

However, what is more important than the zodiac or constellation that this Full Moon falls in, are the aspects around it. These aspects do not change, regardless of what astrological system is used.

As mentioned, Uranus is beautifully aspected to this Full Moon, which means that it’s destined to bring awakenings of some kind.

Uranus is also the ruler of astrology, and perhaps your mind is already starting to awaken, as you understand that your relationship with the cosmic skies can be richer and deeper.

Venus and Saturn are also active under this Full Moon, and may be stirring issues in matters pertaining to our relationships.

This energy calls for us to own our actions and to speak our truth rather than getting defensive.

It calls for us to not deflect or pass blame, but to really take responsibility for our behavior and what we want to create moving forward.

There is strong cardinal energy around this Full Moon, which means that we may find ourselves wanting to take the lead and find our independence.

With this cardinal energy, there is an opportunity here to lead by example- don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk!

September’s Full Moon can definitely stir our emotions and trigger feelings of sensitivity.

We may feel extra empathic too, so if you are sensitive to the energies of others, be sure you are taking steps to protect yourself and to recharge your energy.

As Pisces is a water sign, spending time near water or even taking a saltwater bath can be healing and restorative.

If you want to tune into more of the galactic, Aquarian energy, you may also find support and comfort by being of service to others or reaching out to your loved ones.

Even though connecting with loved ones has been challenging this year, it is so important for our mental and emotional health to stay connected. If you can do so safely, consider catching up with your loved ones and see how much better you feel.

September offers some big energy shifts, and it seems this September Full Moon will be a beacon, lighting our way, and preparing us for the closing of this ultra-transformative year.

Like all transformations, it takes a breaking down and dismantling for the new to emerge.

To support us with this process, use the rich energies of this Full Moon as a catalyst to let go of expectations, who you thought you were, and the stories of your past.

Let go of who you were yesterday or even a moment ago, and welcome who you are in this very moment.

In this very moment, nothing of yesterday and nothing of tomorrow exists. All that is real is you, right here, right now, in this space, in this state. Feel into that. Feel in to just who you are in this very moment.

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