Interactions tend to be imaginative, accepting, and gently stimulating today, dear Leo, and forgiveness, support, and compassion are themes.

This is a good time for strengthening relationships through the appreciation of shared pasts and connections, as well as familiarity.

Compassion is flowing, and people seem more ready and willing than usual to see the good side of people. You might want to indulge in a healthy escape now.

You are especially eager to enjoy life today, share philosophies and ideas, and express yourself creatively.

There can be good news or helpful information related to creative projects, your love life, children, or leisurely pursuits now.

Your current satisfaction depends on your ability to bring order to your schedule. Naturally, the Sun’s emphasis on your 6th House of Daily Routine presents a particular dilemma during this hectic time of year.

The heightened focus on your family life reminds you of the importance of interweaving work and play. To feel fully alive, you must walk through the world in such a way as to include both of your passions.

The Sun’s departure from a playful part of your chart and return to your work sector is something that happens at this time every year.

While this means always needing to keep your work hat on over Christmas, New Year and the holiday period, the Sun has just spent the last month in a playful part of your chart, so arrives with a built in solution.

The Sun also leaves behind some formidable forces, determined to ensure life doesn’t become all work and no play. It is all about having the right balance.

Today’s Quote: “You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.”

Lucky Numbers: 3, 15, 26, 29, 46, 48

Daily Compatibility: Gemini

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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