Dear Leo, your day would be wonderful and you will be graced by good news. The good news could be in terms of you landing your dream job, getting a bonus, going on a perfect date with your partner, relaxing in a park, etc. Life will feel great and you will be on your best behavior. Your optimism and sheer positivity today will be a great inspiration for others and would be contagious.

You could experience a bit of dizziness today. It could be due to lack of sleep or you getting up with a sudden jerk. Stay dehydrated today as there would be a lot of work for you to complete lately. With sound health and physique, you will be able to finish all your tasks in time. Don’t give in to the temptation of consuming junk, watching others. If you want to sustain good health, you should eat fresh fruits and veggies.

Leo, everything is fine, including your emotions. You are learning to be naturally sweet on your own without having to indulge in a conversation or a mutual activity with others. Others might call this an introverted nature and aloofness but you do not care a hoot about labels. You are learning to love yourself by accepting all parts of yourself fully & completely. This is a stepping stone in your journey of realizing self-love within.

“Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.”

LUCKY NUMBER – 6 and 8

LUCKY COLOUR – Orange and Cream


Cosmic Tip – Whatever happens, is for a higher reason.

Tips for Singles – Live your life without expectations.

Tips for Couples – Role and Authentic Love are two different things.

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