Do what you want today Leo. Don’t let others do it. If you feel that there is something to be done, take control. You might be seeing things in a different way than others. Do not change your view to make things easier for others. Confront people who are hindering your progress.

Your patience might be at an all-time low right now. You can show your patience by taking the appropriate steps. Allow yourself more time to make your appointment and avoid frustrating situations. Take care when choosing what to eat. You will feel satisfied if you don’t like the food you have prepared. Another note: It is better to keep your mouth shut if you are in a fight with a friend or lover.

The planet influence makes it a romantic day. It is easy to communicate how you feel with the people who matter most to your life. This is an excellent time to enjoy one another’s company and strengthen the bond of love between you. It is a great time to be together, and you can relax by being there for each other.

“You can’t just live life thinking you deserve things. You need to EARN things. Whether it’s earning a nice pair of shoes, a car, or even someone’s love, the best part about winning the prize isn’t even the prize…it’s the journey of how you got there. The wisdom you gain from working hard is the key ingredient that will take you far in life. And never give anyone the power to make you feel bad about anything you worked hard for.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Green

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, J

Cosmic Tip: It is better to be careful than repent later.

Tips for Singles: Go grab the opportunity to bond with a new person!

Tips for Couples: A date night with your loved one will be the perfect note to conclude your date on.

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