Your dreams won’t come true unless you believe and take action, Leo. Nobody else can do this for you. You must take control of your destiny, even if you are blessed with a fairy godmother. There are many ways to get there. Believing in yourself is the first step. This is an excellent day for you to allow your imagination to take control.

You are not as helpless as you believe! No matter what your thoughts are, there is still the ability to make a difference. Do a bit of walking if it has been a while since you last exercised. Every journey begins with the first step. You can take deep, long breaths to get the courage you need to do it.

There are many wonderful influences that can help you in your love life. You should explore new places and meet people, especially if they are related to art, music, or film. It may be necessary to relax a bit, but it will make you more comfortable with going along with the flow.

“It doesn’t really matter what others say about you—good or bad. Ultimately what really matters is what you believe about yourself that changes the way you feel, and how you live. So don’t wait for others to encourage you, start encouraging yourself today!”

Colors of the day: Green, Golden Brown

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, F

Cosmic Tip: You truly have an objective over your spiritual side, work on it!

Tips for Singles: Go around as there are a lot of people on your way to meet.

Tips for Couples: Maintain friendship first, an important ingredient of your relationship.

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