There is something blooming within you right now. You can now go about your daily business without the heavy burden of recent days. You should pay closer attention to your body. You can schedule more exercise, and reduce your intake of fats and sugars. Start some healthier habits.

This time is good for encouraging other aspects of yourself to emerge from hiding. It will help you shift your habits and make them more in line with your needs. It is important to let go of the past and welcome the new. This will help you develop the ability to be a diligent leader and skilled at following through. Make sure you are making healthy decisions (e.g., drinking lots of water). Be even more open to learning about your inner world.

Relationships take a positive turn today. It’s like waking up to a fresh day and feeling energized. This is an excellent time to make plans to have fun and expand your options for you as a couple. You might want to take some time with your travel guides and start planning a romantic getaway somewhere exotic.

“Maybe right now, you are being given a chance to reclaim your joy, to make it the most natural extension of who you are, to let it spill out of your words, and your laughter, and your tears — to let it be something you believe you are worthy of, to let it be something you believe you deserve.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Lavender

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, B

Cosmic Tip: Every single thing in this universe happens for a reason. So do not worry about what is happening in your life. Learn your lessons properly and move on.

Tips for Singles: Meet new people with all that zest and energy.

Tips for Couples: Sometimes it is better to go a little crazy and wild.

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