Working late, Leo? Is there anything so crucial that you are unable to pay attention to your partner or family? It’s probably nothing. You probably don’t have anything to do tonight. It’s likely that you won’t lose your job if some of the tasks are left unfinished. Do as many tasks as possible and then return to the family. They’re important too!

Power, whatever your definition may be, is in abundance right now. This planetary setup is similar to having Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michael Jordan on the same team. Bright intelligence and raw strength combine to create a powerful combination. This power can be used to address your weaknesses. This could be food-related. Instead of ordering take-out, shop for your meals ahead. Enjoy the advantages of a real breakfast by setting up your breakfast table before bed.

Today’s planet alignment gives you the opportunity to bring about positive change in your personal relationships. You can have a vital discussion or conversation if you feel you need to address any issues. This is a great time to start building the foundations of a harmonious relationship. Your connection may take a new direction.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You love and forgive and see the good in other people. That’s the most important, regret-free life you could ever live. Place your hand on your heart and say, ‘I love you for being you.’”

Colors of the day: Red, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, U

Cosmic Tip: Work hard for your goals and no one can take them from you.

Tips for Singles: Go on your date with an open mind.

Tips for Couples: Take some time out for each other and go on a date.

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