You are in the learning stage today, dear Leo. You will spend your time upgrading your knowledge to the next level. Being a perfectionist in everything is part of your personality. This is why you are appreciated by your friends and colleagues unanimously. You will receive special praise in that regard from your seniors today. Your family is happy with you and they will support all your decisions.

Viral fever and cold might affect your health today. You should take necessary preventive measures beforehand. Seeking the advice of a doctor in this matter is advisable. Your healthy lifestyle choice will help you tackle this temporary disability. Drink lots of fluids and fruits. It will help in strengthening your immunity against viruses and germs. You should spend most of your day indoors.

This is a satisfactory day for you, dear Leo. Your partner and you are in a good place. You share your joys and sorrows with each other. There is no place for disappointment and dissatisfaction in your life. Learning new skills has instilled you with confidence and pride. You are content with everything that is happening today. You might feel a little weak physically but that is temporary. You will be strong soon enough.

“Don’t blame yourself. You believed what he/she told you, because you trusted him/her. You’re a warm, open, trusting person. And you’re trustworthy. Trustworthy people like us always get screwed, because we expect other people to be like us. Don’t let his/her bad behavior make you question yourself.”

Colors of the day: Blue, Pink, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 5, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: C, N, P

Cosmic Tip: Work to achieve perfection in every domain.

Tips for Singles: Spend quality time pursuing your hobbies.

Tips for Couples: Go on romantic dinner dates or a walk with your partner.

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