Dear Leo, today you are going to make positive changes in your life. You will prepare yourself to allow new relationships, friendships, or bonds to form. You will feel confident in your skin, and it will boost confidence in you to approach new people. You will also feel the need to improve your worth on your own. All this self-love and self-confidence will make you feel good.

You will have a tough time adjusting to the changing weather. It can take a toll on your body and mind. Your body will shut itself in the face of adversity. Therefore, you must not make frequent changes in your schedule. You have to follow a safe workout regime to maintain the release of endorphins in your body. This hormone will control your mood and energy today.

Leos will see a new job prospect or a change in the work atmosphere. You are either going to start a new job or, you are starting on a new role. As a result, you will feel a bit nervous and a bit unorganized. You will also feel the butterflies in your stomach from the excitement of doing something new. You must make sure that you do not do anything silly out of your nervousness.

Today’s Quote: “…the sad part is, that I will probably end up loving you without you for much longer than I loved you when I knew you.
Some people might find that strange.
But the truth of it is that the amount of love you feel for someone and the impact they have on you as a person, is in no way relative to the amount of time you have known them.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Sky Blue
Lucky Numbers of the day: 4,7,9
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, B
Cosmic tip: Your priorities need your complete focus.
Tips for Singles: Prioritize your sanity over pleasure.
Tips for Couples: Find emotional intimacy before you jump onto intimate pleasures.

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