You find yourself to be extremely cautious and sensitive today, and you have no idea what brought that on. You have always believed in your intuition which is why you find yourself being extra cautious and suspicious today. You will be forced to make some decisions today, especially when you find yourself to be in a position that you would not like to be. You are completely out of your comfort zone but trust your gut.

You find yourself to be healing for the aches that you were suffering for the past few days. You need to stop eating food that is not good for your health and start eating healthy. Maintaining a diet is important, especially with your history of ailments. It would also be suggested that you get yourself checked in the hospital, a full-body routine checkup, just to make sure everything is fine.

You find your efforts to be underappreciated despite putting in so much time and energy into planning dates for your partner. You need to understand that often, no matter how much effort and time we dedicate to a relationship, it is bound to fail, especially if the other person is not as dedicated as you are. Know when to get out of a relationship that only seems to be dragging you down.

“and maybe one day, i won’t be so broken anymore
and one day, i will find the lost pieces of me again
and then there will be another sunrise where i would glue them back
and the next day, i will stand in front of the mirror, smiling at my repaired soul again

and that will be the day when my night will end
and i will bid the moon a soft goodbye
with a promise to visit sometime again
to the stars shining in that dark sky”

Colors of the day: Orange, Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: H, B

Cosmic Tip: Let your success and hard work speak for themselves.

Tips for Singles – Stop pining over your previous partner, and move past the hurt.

Tips for Couples – You share a relationship with your partner, stop allowing a third party to cause trouble in paradise.

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