A new cycle begins for Leo. It may be possible to release old mental and belief processes. Release the past and embrace the future. It’s important to declutter your mind. You will soon realize that all the outdated thought patterns you’ve been clinging to have vanished. Gather all your resources and build a platform you can be proud of.

You can seize the opportunities presented by today’s planetary alignments to make a lasting impact in the future. If you sense that positive outcomes are forthcoming, you can be highly productive. This environment calls for conserving your energy and directing it towards meaningful pursuits. It often involves incorporating physical activity into your routine.

You might find yourself offering endless advice to a number of people seeking your sympathy. Spend some quality time alone with your loved ones and enjoy the sense of silence and deep connection. You can even make it romantic and share your love with someone else.

“Tell me about the hands that broke you like tree branches. Tell me about the heart that made you a home, the barren soul that used your dry bones like kindling in the middle of winter. Tell me about the house fire, the ashes which you rose from. Tell me about your resurrection – but don’t you dare tell me that you are not strong enough this time, don’t you dare tell me that you cannot
rise again,
and again,
and again.”

Colors of the day: Green, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, O

Cosmic Tip: If you fail in one way, try to use the alternative method

Tips for Singles: Get in touch with nature!

Tips for Couples: Only love cannot take a relationship far. It needs compatibility too.

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