This is when you might finally admit that you are a parent to your emotional relationships. Your partner is the one that sets boundaries, arranges everything, and assumes responsibility. Partner should be open to you being more vulnerable and fragile.

How we treat ourselves can often make the biggest impression on us. We learn a lot early about how we treat our bodies. This includes how often and what you eat, whether you exercise regularly and how your attitude towards it. These items must be reexamined as adults so that we can take responsibility for our own health. Today is your first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Communication is essential today, particularly if you are trying to convey your love to someone you care about. It may be necessary to take risks and be unique in your communication. This will help you stand out from the crowd and make you more noticeable. That’s when originality is rewarded.

“The choice isn’t to move on—life moves whether I want it to or not. No, the choice is to look forward, not backward, to take a step because refusing to move won’t draw the past nearer, only postpone better days.”

Colors of the day: Sea green and Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1 and 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K and P

Cosmic Tip: Try and seek your true purpose.

Tips for Singles: Do not try to complicate simple conversations.

Tips for Couples: Never hesitate to be the bigger person.

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