Reevaluate what you are working towards. You may be missing the opportunity to have fun or relax if that’s what you desire. The fun you want is right in front of you, take advantage of this opportunity now, rather than waiting until you think you have earned it.

You may feel like the most sensual person on the planet, which can be a great feeling. Your emotions will guide you to create a nurturing environment for yourself. You deserve to feel great and get enough rest. You tend to take care of others’ needs, so use today to recognize the things you often need. First, take care of your own needs.

Make sure to wear rose-tinted glasses today. You will be using them throughout the day. You will be totally adorable with your closest friend no matter what they do. You’re likely to witness some very inappropriate behavior, but you will just treat it as sweet. You can be in a romantic mood at any time, and it could make your life easier or more difficult.

“Forgive yourself for the way you held yourself back because you didn’t believe in your own potential, because you didn’t believe in your capacity to take up space.”

Colors of the day: Cream

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: C, W

Cosmic Tip: Give yourself more time than you usually do.

Tips for Singles: Patience helps you receive a fruitful reward.

Tips for Couples: Communicate more to keep things from falling apart.

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