Dear Leo, good things are planned and they are kept aside particularly for you in-store today. There are going to be changed in your routine and schedules that you have chalked out that will make you feel uncomfortable but do not worry. It is most definitely to challenge you and make you realize new things. Leo-born individuals are known to be the go person for everyone but this time you will need your go-to person. It is time to place your trust in some other individual.

Work stress is taking away from your health. Just grabbing whatever takeaway you can get on the spur of the moment and eating on the run is affecting your health. Balance your work schedule and try to spend some time with your mind and body. An initial workout regime or going for a job can be considered a good beginning. Yoga and meditating can also help you focus your mind and relieve some of that work pressure off your shoulder.

Your card for today says that it is can be a possible turning point in your life. You will understand deeper insights about a personal problem you are facing for a long time. You will most certainly move forward for the better. Listen to what your intuition and gut feeling have to say, prioritize yourself and various things are automatically going to fall into line. People will like your ideas and suggestion today.

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not. ”

Lucky color – Dark maroon, white and beige

Lucky number– 8 and 1

Lucky alphabet you will in sync with– J, A, and V

Cosmic tip– “Sometimes believing what your heart says is the best thing you can do and let fate unfold and decide for you.

Tips for Singles– Instant attractions and long-term relationships do not really go hand in hand, to put in earthy terms avoid pursuing your sudden and jiffy attractions this time.

Tips for Couples– Place your trust in your better half. Spending quality time alone is as important as spending time with them.

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