Minor family issues might be making you feel gloomy. You might be away from your family, or you may be having some domestic squabbles. While others may want friends to come over, you might not be as social. Get involved in your projects. You might feel accomplished, it could help you get your energy up and keep your spirits high. It’s worth it.

The aspect of today gives you an opportunity to dream big, dreams you can achieve. Your ability to be realistic and keep your eyes on the future will allow you to quickly put your money where it matters most. Begin with the present and make healthy food choices and drink plenty of water. As you plan for the future, think about what it will look like.

The day is filled with optimism. This is a great opportunity to connect with other people who are interested in creativity and art. You might meet that person by attending an exhibition or socializing over a pre-dinner beverage. You will have lots of fun, there is plenty to laugh at!

“We have to unclasp our palms and let go of every alternate reality where we’re happier, stronger, brighter because of all the things we did differently. Those universes do not exist. But ours does. And it’s okay here, if we open our eyes up and let it be.”



LUCKY COLOR– Orange and Light Blue

COSMIC TIP– Just know, that you are enough!!

SINGLES TIP– Be your natural self and don’t try too hard.

COUPLES TIP– Prioritizing your preferences will definitely resolve your issues.

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